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October 4, 2010

Changes to the Wage Payment and Collection Act, Part 1

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The Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act has been a help to Illinois employees for many years. But the statute has been a VERY imperfect help. The IWPCA had many loopholes that kept employers insulated from the consequences of their improper actions, and lead many employers to consider actions brought under the IWPCA to be but a cost of doing business rather than a reason to comply with the law. Employees were often unprotected if they tried to enforce their rights, and there were disincentives to moving to enforce their rights.

The recent changes to the Act, signed in the summer of 2010, and effective January 1, 2011, close some enforcement loopholes and ramps up some of the enforcement procedures. The changes, which I will post on in the future, make it much more worthwhile for an employee to complain about wage and hour problems, and to get an attorney to enforce his or her rights. Just importantly, employers will now have a real reason to seek knowledgeable counsel to make sure that they are treating employees correctly under the law. The penalties associated with noncompliance are too great to ignore.

Keep an eye out for future posts. As with all multi-part posts, they will be collected together into a longer single article at the Watson & Linder website when completed.

Chuck from Watson Law, LLC


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