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January 19, 2013

Looking for Lincoln in Quincy

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Traveled to Quincy, Illinois, yesterday with my darlin. Attended a meeting at the wonderful Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design. If you are in Quincy, it is well worth the visit. I have always loved Quincy as it has hung on to much of its older architecture, with buildings from the 1840’s forward.

Unknown to me before yesterday was that Quincy sheltered the Mormans exiled from Missouri in, I believe, 1838-39. Itwas a big deal because not only were Mormans rejected by many people, but there were literally more Morman refugees than residents of Quincy. The Mormans moved on to what was to become Nauvoo, Illinois – and the later persecution and murder of Joseph Smith in 1844 which led to the migration westward.

Quincy also hosts interesting Lincoln era sites. Of course many know that it was one of the Lincoln-Douglas debate sites. But many other connections exist, and there remain the traces of the rivertown importance of the town. Many people forget that during most of Lincoln’s life theĀ  country’s “highways” were in fact its rivers. The important cities were on theĀ  coasts or rivers. That meant places like Quincy were truly bustling and centers of learning and power. At one time Quincy was the second largest city in Illinois. One cannot understand the forces that shaped Abraham Lincoln without appreciating places like Quincy.

Quincy remains a wonderful town. You can feed the empty belly caused by seeing the sites at wonderful eateries like the Patio. Newly discovered by my wife and me, it is long time eatery in Quincy. Homey like only older places can be, it serves what I swear is the world’s largest pork chop. Fully two inches thick and perfectly grilled, as much as I tried I couldn’t finish it. Sarah enjoyed the twice baked and they accomodated my blood sugar with a side of brussels sprouts. The Patio was worth the trip, but is only one of the many delights in Quincy.


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