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Hello, my name is Chuck Watson. I am a lawyer in Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of that famous lawyer Abraham Lincoln. No comparison – I’m just sayin’…. It’s awe-inspiring to walk the same streets, and see some of the same sights, and, unfortunately, argue some of the same arguments as did honest Abe.

I concentrate my practice in two main areas: Employment law and Family law.

Employment law involves all aspects of the employer-employee relationship except labor law. I have handled litigation and counseling in wage and hour, discrimination (including, among other areas, race, sex, age and disability discrimination), contracts, no competition agreements, workplace bullying and wrongful termination for other areas. In our American culture, we tend to define ourselves by what we do. Disruptions, unfairness, and certainly termination of our jobs can greatly disrupt our lives. This area of law is technically complex and difficult. It’s also a great deal of fun to help wrongfully treated workers, and help employers committed to treating their employees well. You will see posts in this area.

Family law includes divorce, child support, custody, maintenance, and paternity. These, and other related areas of family practice, interrelate and cannot be overly separated. I represent men and women and do not believe in concentrating on representing just one sex. This area of the law is also technically complex, and even more than employment law, calls for sensitivity to the needs and desires of the parties – and especially any children. I will post on family law topics as well.

The law is, as we were taught in law school, a great interconnected web. Every area of the law is connected, however remotely, to every other area. But the modern practice of law requires that lawyers really concentrate their practices to keep up with the changes that seem to happen every day. Therefore, I have made it a practice to try to keep up with the basics of many other areas of the law. Plus, many areas of the law are quite simply very interesting. For example, I have not participated in a criminal law case in over a decade, but nothing beats a stupid crook case! Every so often, I’ll post on something of interest that has nothing to do with my practice.

The Family

I have been married to my wife over 30 years ago. She is the center of my universe. My best friend, adviser, and critic, she keeps me centered. A successful educator and consultant, she has risen to the top levels of state government, and worked in the trenches. She now the Executive Director of Looking for Lincoln (how cool is that?!!) which runs the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area. I am humbled by her.

Together we have raised two wonderful children. Our son, after 5 years in the Marines, and three deployments to the middle east, is employed by the State of Illinois. Our daughter, the younger of the siblings, started with Whole Foods after college and now both cooks and trains for the company. Her husband runs a new, but increasingly successful, tree service in St. Louis, Kaiser Tree Service.

I am an avid cook and eater (with the belly to show for it), and reader (with the book clutter to show for it).

You can expect posts on the family, etc on occasion as well.

After all, all work and no play makes for a dull day.

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