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May 7, 2011

A month into the virtual practice.

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So far, so good!
I love the commute – 10 steps!
Getting the mail, going to the courthouse, etc. are a pain, but the errands keep me from being a hermit.
I forgot how many trees lawyers kill. The original piece of paper, a copy for me, a copy for the other side, a copy to keep in the file in case the originals are lost, it goes on and on. All on one side of the page double spaced, so everything takes 2-3 times as much paper as is necessary. What a waste! (I’ve eliminated some of this by imaging everything, but not all.)
Having to make good use of note taking, to-do lists, etc. With only me, and my porous memory, and no assistant, to track things, my use of electronic memory aids has become uber-important.
I think most of my clients are liking the personal attention, but still miss my old paralegal.
Adjustments, adjustments!

Chuck from Watson Law, LLC


February 14, 2011

The Best Client

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On occasion I wonder what clients think lawyers do for a living. Mrs. X hired me to prosecute her divorce action against that no-good, cheating Bas*rd she was married to. Had to dig deep into her financials, investigate the claims of adultery (since she would not agree to move forward with a more innocuous claim), look into the child custody issues, etc. Spent a good long time doing all the preliminary work and drafting the petition for Dissolution, Petition for Temporary Relief, and some unique discovery. I had her in, reviewed all the material with her, told her what else needed doing, and got her OK to file.

Literally hours before filing, I got the call that she was getting back together with her husband.

Getting back together is a good thing.

But then she said, “When do I get my money back?” We discussed the matter, but I never moved her past “but you didn’t do anything for me.”

I give up.

Chuck from Watson Law, LLC

October 13, 2010

You don’t need a lawyer

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I recently ran some numbers (much to the annoyance of She Who Runs The Numbers), about how much of my family law revenue comes from post-judgement matters. By this I am talking about change of custody, visitation, child-support, etc. The number are running close to 40%

Many of these post-judgment matters could have been avoided if competent counsel had spent the time in the original divorce to get things right. When there is no lawyer in the underlying case the overworked domestic judges will often let agreements that as loose as goose S__t get by. Six months, a year, two years later . . . Here I come to pick up the pieces.

If you have children, retirement accounts, a business or retirement accounts, you need a lawyer!

I don’t care if you have an agreement or not. At minimum, you need to have a lawyer look the agreement over to see if there are immediate problems, or matters that will probably arise under the current agreement. Lawyers who do a lot of family law have seen a lot of cases over the years. You have, if you are unlucky in love, seen a couple. Give the person who has seen hundreds a chance.

It’s not insurance, but its close. While no lawyer can anticipate all future problems, but will almost always think of more than you!

Chuck from Watson Law, LLC

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