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February 16, 2011

Employers – Wake Up

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Just because one or more of the people who worked for you only lasted a few months, or even weeks, you are NOT excused from giving them a W-2. Even if you want to classify them as “Temps”, they were employees who should have had taxes withheld and who are now owed W-2s. You are late, get to it.

Thank You.

November 11, 2010

Oh Man! It aint right!

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Oh man! It aint right! All I did was tell the truth. And this lawyer says I can’t do anything. I oughta be able to sue the b_st_rd. He fired me for no good reason.

The newbie manager came to my line, and said that I had to change what I was doing. He said that if I ratcheted the framistat to the left instead of the right my plastic wrap machine would work twice as good. Well he was wrong. I’ve been working my machine for a whole month now, ever since I dropped out of school. Just because he’s a manager doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing.

And I told him. After all, I’ve got a right to free speech, don’t I! Its in the constitution!

I told him idea was stupid. This newbie wasn’t going to tell me what to do. I told him his idea was stupid, wouldn’t work, and I wasn’t gonna do it. And you know what he did? He canned me!!

Well I know my rights, so I went to this lawyer. But he said I don’t have the right to tell my boss that he is stupid and I wasn’t going to do what he told me. He said that was insubordination and the boss could fire me if he wanted.

It ain’t right!

FromChuck from Watson Law, LLC

October 3, 2010

WedLock Divorce Insurance?

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What’s Next?

Divorce Insurance?

Although some may think otherwise, I think this is the worst idea ever. It ought to be against public policy. I understand the attractivenesses of the concept at a surface level, but it continues the trend of encouraging divorce.

Mind you now, if a client wants to pay my fees using the proceeds of the policy, I wont say no.

I suggest that a person looking into this product check with the state’s department of insurance. Some jurisdictions may not allow it.  I have not looked into it.

WedLock Divorce Insurance – Home.

Chuck from Watson & Linder

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